Q: How far is the Camp from the airport?

A: Approximately 1hr away

Q: What do I need to pack? 

A: A packing list will be emailed to you. You can also view it by clicking here and print it out if you like.

Q:  What time is check-in on Thursday?

A:  9AM.  Official program begins at 3PM 

Q: When is the conference over?

A: Sunday at 1PM

Q:  When can I sign up for my sessions?

A:  An email will be sent to all who have registered the week before the event

Q: Can I attend a session I haven’t signed up for?

A: Yes, if it’s not full

Q: Can I bunk with my friends? 

A: We will try to accommodate requests but there are several limitations and factors we must consider. You will receive a link to a survey in mid August asking for preferences such as rooming with friends.

Q:  Who do I contact if I get in late at night?

A:  All contact information will be in the packet we will email in advance of arrival.

Q: Who do I contact about dietary restrictions?

A: You should have self-selected on your registration, but this question is asked again in the survey link you will soon receive.

Q: Are the cabins air conditioned?

A: Yes

Q: Do I need to share a room?

A: Yes. All accommodations are in cabins and bunk style


Q: Which cellular carriers have coverage at the camp?

A: Verizon has LTE coverage. AT&T has no coverage. Other carriers (e.g., U.S. Cellular) may have spotty coverage.

Q: Is WiFi available?

A: WiFi will be available in the evenings, but bandwidth is limited and the Internet connection is through a satellite. VoIP and interaction over WiFi is poor because of the satellite delays (1-2 seconds each way). Probably no WiFi during the day; it’s needed for the presenters.

Q: Is there a telephone number where my friends and family can reach me in case of emergency?

A: Yes. it will be provided in the packets you will be emailed.