Program Descriptions

Program Descriptions

People piling their hands on top of each other in cooperation.

Collaborative Leadership

Learn the leadership skills necessary to serve diverse groups. These include: consensus building, dialogue facilitation, resolving conflict, building strong relationships and strategies for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive movement.

A diverse group of young women standing together and supporting one another.

Coalition Building

Learn how you can apply what has worked best all over the country in bringing groups together to build power and maximize impact. Interactive sessions will feature case studies that explore challenges to coalition building, collaborative best practices and what it takes to form successful coalitions.

A person sitting at a laptop and holding a cellphone.


Learn how to use the best tech tools for organizing and mobilizing voters from the pros. Some sessions will discuss how to use free tools in unexpected ways, steps to take to protect your organization’s digital security, and what to think about when you’re creating your online presence.

Two colleagues in a meeting space, one raising her hand for her turn to speak.

Communications, PR, and Marketing

Learn the best techniques for communicating your message so that it cuts through the noise.

Canoes in the water and stacked on a pier, jutting out into a body of water surrounded by mountains.

Arts, Culture, and Activism

Art and culture has often served as the beating heart of activism. Access your creativity and put it to work for the movement. Honor the indigenous roots of our hosts in Iowa.

A group of people holding a rally, carrying signs and waving flags.

Policy and Issues

Learn from leaders all over the country who are experts in issues and policy areas that are on the minds of grassroots community organizers including: climate change, women’s rights, policing, youth activism and more. Find out how your group can amplify their efforts and build strategic partnerships.

A sign held aloft that reads "Today We March... Tomorrow We Vote."

Organizing, Electoral, and Direct Action Resources

Learn best practices for how to recruit and cultivate volunteers, mobilize voters, and make an impact.

A group of designers working together on a project.

Organizational Design and Operations

Learn the actual mechanics of running an organization – how to fundraise, how to manage volunteers, how to set up your internal systems. Office hours for one on one coaching will be available.

A group of four people celebrating in front of a sunrise.

Wellness and Resiliency

Effective collaborative leaders must nurture their own wellness and resiliency in order for this movement to thrive. Learn strategies for maintaining your health and sustaining your strength. There will be dedicated time for learning new skills and the time to actually put them into practice. Availing ourselves of this unique camp environment, there will be yoga, mediation, archery, hikes and more!